About FUJI

Fuji Dreskin was born and raised in Denver, Colorado with her parents and older brother and sister.

My family has always called me by my middle name, Fuji or Fujiye, after my maternal grandmother. I spent the last decade living and working in Oakland, CA and recently relocated back to Denver. 

Some of my favorite memories growing up were at Anime and Comic Cons with my family and friends. Competing in the large and small Cosplay contests with my friends was an extremely fun, one-of-a-kind experience. Conventions were just starting out when I began attending. I learned to edit film by making many AMV's over the years. I made every giant, crazy prop and costume from scratch and I loved it. 

My father helped me make some of them in our garage and my sister is a photographer and took photos of the costumes often. We have done photoshoots since I was 12, and continue to this day.

Turns out, the years of cosplay and filmmaking is coming in handy.  All of that passion and technique goes into my music video costumes and production today. 

"So, what do you rap about?"

Growing up in Colorado and being a hapa who was raised Jewish was a big part of my childhood. That experience is something I feel strongly roots me.  But when it comes down to it, I just love rap and singing and sometimes its as simple as immortalizing a poignant feeling that sticks with you, and moves you.

I think of my songs as reminders of who I am, and want to be.

 From human and animal rights, to old school anime/manga/cosplay and hidden history, there's a lot I have to say. But often, its just about what Im going through personally. Just life shit, real shit. Love, family, friends, physical/mental health, comedy, and all those TV shows that seem to be a part of us.

Jones Soda Label Contest Winner circa 2007

                                                                    Jones Soda Label Contest Winner circa                                                                        2007 by Andrea Dreskin Photography