About FUJI

My brother Matao holding me.

FUJI's music is described as hip hop, rap with sultry vocals. Her lyrics are a wide range of topics including personal stories, animals and the the occult.

FUJI is a songwriter and performer 

working in Denver Colorado.

"My family has always called me by my middle name, Fuji or Fujiye, after my maternal grandmother. I was born and raised in Denver and spent most of my adult life in Oakland, CA. 

I produced my first music video, "Hikikomori" in 2016 with Fulfilms Productions in Sacramento, CA.  Working with the incredible team from Vicious Vanity FX, lead by Nichole Chilelli  was also a huge highlight. I loved making the storyboards, costumes, doing the casting and directing.

I moved back to Denver a few years ago and love being able to work with animals along side my music and illustration. "


Fuji Dreskin Illustration has been in business for over a decade creating comics, mixed media paintings, animal portraits and custom tattoo designs.