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FUJI YAMA a.k.a. Fuji Dreskin is a rapper and illustrator in Denver, Colorado.

"My name is Fuji and I'm a rapper, singer, dancer and illustrator and I love making my own music videos and getting you to dance with me. I'm most known for my strong connection to animals and the metaphysical as well as advocating for the liberation of people and animals.  

Music is medicine. You are the healer.

I produced my first music video, "Hikikomori" (2016) in collaboration with Fulfilms Productions in Sacramento, CA and the incredible team from Vicious Vanity FX, lead by Nichole Chilelli.  I really enjoyed getting the team together, making the storyboards, costumes, casting and directing. I  got my BFA for Illustration at CCA a couple of years prior to "Hikikomori" which helped a lot in production, specifically with organizing my artistic process, conceptual art and storyboarding. My cosplay background always gets ignited when making the costumes as well which is so much fun. 

My most recent music video is called "Renegade" (2020) which was filmed in Colorado. I worked closely with my DP Sam Grabowska in the mountains and my personal home in Denver. I was the director, wardrobe/make up artist and editor on this video.

I can't express how much I loved spending the last decade or so in Oakland. I have roots there and it was a  very difficult choice to make to move. I have now been back in my hometown of Denver, Colorado for a few years and it's been a gift to be close to my family and work with animals along side my music and illustration. I live on the third floor in an apartment with my three cats, Daikon, Apricot and Scottie." 

Fuji Dreskin Illustration


 Fuji Dreskin Illustration has been in business for over a decade creating

 mixed media paintings and custom pet/family portraits. 

Most recently, I have been hired as a conceptual artist, story board artist and second unit director for the upcoming action film

 "Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls". This project features female lead roles and a mainly asian american cast and crew and it's all set in Denver, Colorado's old west.  It is a truly unique and exciting production to be a part of!


For more about  "Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls" 

from Cowgirl Sushi Productions  

please visit their website www.cowgirlsushi.net 

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